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The Grey-lipped Bae

Posted on December 03 2014

I am being serious when I say that I've been yearning for the perfect grey lipstick to get my lips on. This was after I discovered one of the most pretty shades in the world that knocked the living lungs out of me. Every one on Instagram has been wondering what grey lipstick one of our girls had on their picture. So I am proud to announce and please say hello to your new favorite grey lipstick that your guts will be screaming for:

Meltcostmetic- Spacecake! 





For example, I love how you are able to apply a plum lipliner and get yourself a vintage purple, greyish lip to achieve a vintage look. Or you can even use a black liner to have a more blanket of the galaxy kind of lip look. Whatever it is you can play with this lipstick for the life of you and it will still look good! You're welcome. <3

(Featured Pic Credit: @missjazminad)

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  • simplyyliaa: November 10, 2015

    Reblogged this on blaque rebellion and commented:
    Beautiful ?? I need to try this!!

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