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8 Beauty Tips to Ring in the New Year!

Posted on December 31 2014

...So it's that time of the year again. Yes, this is yet one more blog post New Years related. It's time to suck it up, time to bust out those resolutions, take out that new purchase,(crossing fingers that it's a Gold Soul creation)and blow away all of those other basic females with a new look! It's always fun to mix it up. We've already explained 5 ways to stay happy during this new year, now you have to apply them. How you ask? By slipping back into the glamorous and oh-so-stylish minds of classic Hollywood of course! In a time before the phrases "on fleck" or "turnt up" even existed women knew how to really dress up for parties. What better time to try out a new look than for that NYE celebration. I promise not to notice that same outfit the next day. No doubt these ladies went through the same thing and somehow were still able to pull off these looks with ease. Try these 4 hairstyles and 4 makeup looks for yourself. Mix and matching is encouraged!

Hairstyles Then & Now

1. The Half-up Half-Down (Je ne sais quoi)

This look was made increasingly popular by French sex symbol Brigitte Bardot and more recently Queen Bee, Beyonce herself. This look can work for any skin color or style. Below: Bardot(from Pinterest  and Beyonce

Brigitte Bardot                    Beyonce

2. Pin up Curls (Rita Hayworth style"ish")

Rita was one of the top actresses in The Golden Age of Hollywood. If there were ever a time to say someone's hair was "on fleck" it would be now. Why not try it for the new year! Below:Rita Hayworth(from Pinterest) and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

3352147256_rita2_answer_2_xlarge                           love magazine cover.jpg

3. Big Voluminous Hair (Can you say Diana Ross?)

This hairstyle is being seen everywhere lately. For all of the ethnic girls like me who hated their hair growing up, look at the trend now! Natural curly hair is here. Be loud and practice that b**ch face to go with it. ;) Below:YouTuber itsmyrayeraye, and Diana Ross

 Screen-Shot-2014-03-02-at-5.52.40-AM  52039752-e1323182741459

4. The Pixie cut (for those who want to make a big statement)

I know it can seem a bit cliche to do a big chop for New Years but that's the best time to start fresh. Many celebs have done it such as the stunning Mia Farrow who gained fame with the haircut in the 60s. Below: Mia Farrow, Emma Watson and Rihanna (from Pinterest) 

Rihanna-Hairstyles-Trendy-Pixie-Haircut1 EMMA-WATSON-HAIRCUT 9797b94cabf99ee3fd5e2942de6458d0

Makeup Looks

1. Metallic Lips

This would be a great look to spice up a simple Little-Black-Dress and still have that NYE vibe! Add some matching accessories are there's an easy outfit for the new year.

198290832b60886681896821f52b2c10                   4da20bfd4961e8b9f3a9ab22e8e3643b

2a. Dramatic Eye "popping" shadow (Heavier version)

For those who want a more "over the top" look this is perfect. Try the look with gold also (for you true Gold Souls).


2b. Gold/Glittering simplicity (Lighter version)

If you don't wish to go dramatic and instead your dress will be the jaw dropper, these looks could work for you. The gold looks can be done with Urban Decay Naked Palettes or drugstore shadows! For the first look below, you can even buy glitter from Walmart.

97ac96f55a22b27c447e13a5925a686f 4519a8de08f669d3b42417558eafa89119f05db0b60774a2a312238f312a0977

3. Classic Red lip & Cat eyes

Revamp the classic look with an ombre effect on the va voom!


4. Black Everything

Once you go black...well you know. This look is different and great for fall. It can be worn with other dark colors, not just black.


*All makeup looks from Pinterest.

For more NYE looks visit my board here

Still don't know what you want to wear tonight? Here are YouTube Videos to watch for more ideas:

Ingrid Nilsen (photo from @ingridnilsen)

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 2.41.18 AM

clothesencounters (photo from @imjennim)

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 2.44.16 AM

LaurDIY (photo from @laurdiy)

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 2.45.34 AM

Tasha Green (photo from @tashaggreen)

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 2.47.28 AM

Idressmyself (photo from @prettysickly)

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 2.48.44 AM

Andreaschoice (photo from @andreaschoice)

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 2.49.57 AM

Nicole Guerriero  (photo from @nicoleguerriero)

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 2.50.40 AM


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