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Fashion Talk Friday: Septum Rings. To Wear or Not To Wear? That is the Question

Posted on January 02 2015

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Septum rings have been increasingly seen on all types of people. This is a trend that is hot right now, there's no denying that. Gold Soul La even sells some very cute and inexpensive faux ones. Lots of other stores have hopped onto this trend and it has spread like wildfire!(photos from Raye's insta and Gold Soul site)

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I've seen famous YouTubers such as Itsmyrayeraye wear one, along with hordes of others. I have been following pick up on the trend and even tried it out myself...And why? I can see the appeal and the fact that it's Fashion's hot "now" trend doesn't hurt. Septum rings aren't only for the distracting alternatives anymore. (photos from Jordin's instagram and Rihanna's)

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  They've graced runways, high fashion photo shoots and flashed under celebrity noses. (The bad girl herself, Rihanna, the Jenner sisters and little miss Jordin Sparks with the big pikes) But then again, they aren't the first ones to actually wear the nose piercings. Septum rings have been worn throughout history, mostly in traditional and tribal cultures among South Indian dancers, and certain Native American peoples. Some can be seen below


  Fashion is cyclical and trends can be influenced from cultures such as the acculturation of the faux septum rings that are in style now. We have westernized the traditional nose piercing and made it into something stylish. This is not a bad thing, it is apart of fashion itself. Fashion is bigger than you realize and it shapes how people can come together. In India, this piercing is called the "Nathori" and it is popular with various tribes in that region such as the Banjara or Bengali women. Fun Fact: The Bengali women traditionally wear the Nathori as a sign of being married.  So, with all of that heavy stuff being said, what do you think about this trend? Is the septum ring/faux septum ring trend here to stay in 2015 or will it be a fleeting fad? Regardless I will continue to try it out! Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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