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DIY Evil Eye Nails

Posted on March 25 2015

It's that time of the month again. Yeah gals, it's time to glam up those claws of yours. Who's got time for boring mani's when you can get creative with evil eyes on your nails! Add some character to any look with this unique nail art design that anyone can do!



- White Nail Varnish - Blue Nail Varnish (or whatever color you want your eye to be) - Black Nail Varnish - Clear top coat - A small Nail Art brush

IMG_5692Using your White Nail Varnish, paint on a simple eye shape onto clean nails. Let this dry for a few minutes.

IMG_5693On top of the eye shape, paint a simple circle in the middle with the Blue Nail Varnish. Let this dry for another few minutes.


IMG_5696With your Nail Art brush, take some Black Nail Varnish and neatly outline the top of the eye shape. Then go ahead and paint on a few lines on top of the eye that resemble an eyelash.

When you've waited a few more minutes for that to dry, you can apply your top coat, then Voila! Fin!

IMG_5697 IMG_5698

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 5.47.06 pm


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