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STYLIN' Strappy Heels

Posted on July 16 2015

 Be in the loop and up your shoe game - treat yourself to a pair of sexy strappy heels!

Chic as hell, strappy heels are the hottest thing to be styled right now. Whatever the season is, whether it's Summer or Winter; wherever you live, whether you're a SoCal Gal or you're from Down Under, Strappy Heels are always a good idea.


Outfit 1 // Am I a Jenner yet?

IMG_6250 IMG_6256 IMG_6260

Outfit 2 // Dumped the boy, kept the clothes

IMG_6234 IMG_6240 IMG_6243  

Outfit 3 // Traveling fashionista

IMG_6274 IMG_6282 IMG_6290

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wbf sign off2

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