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EASY PEASY DIY: Typography print

Posted on October 29 2015

It's that time again. Time to be inspired and make some really creative shit because why not?

You don't even need to be some pro designer for this creative DIY - just a few artsy bits and bobs and you're good. You're just about to become a professional typographer and you don't even know it yet. IMG_7016

What You'll Need - Watercolor pencils (your choice of color) - Bleedproof paper - Paintbrush - A small amount of water - A pencilIMG_7002 IMG_7004

Get your Bleedproof paper and lightly draw on your phrase or word. Onto a thick scrap piece of paper, scribble some color from the watercolor pencils onto the paper. Dip your paintbrush into some water. You only need a little! Now pick up some watercolor using your wet brush and paint on your word or phrase. IMG_7007 IMG_7006 The best thing about this is that you don't have to be entirely clean and precise. Anyone can do it and once you master it, be sure to show that shit off!

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